A typical session begins with physical exercises in order to be conscious of the body as a whole, and of the muscles involved for supporting the voice : basic exercises (breathing and feeling the muscles stretching during the inhalation and exhalation of air).

It continues by vocal warm up exercises to poise the voice on the breath and get familiar with the different laryngological mechanisms. It carries on with specific exercises in order to identify and use the different parts of the anatomy, their interconnexions with one another and with the different resonators in the body.

According to the needs, we can work out how to be fully present in front of an audience during a public presentation.

All these exercises are adapted to real life situations : pitch in front of a recruiter, simulations of situations one is confronted with in a company, role playing games, public speaking with direct use of what was learnt during the coaching sessions, etc.

For collectif sessions, to access more oratory charisma:  

  • Awareness raise about voice impact and reach higer level of eloquence
  • Specific posture and breathing exercice
  • Spectific roleplay (pitch, presentation, etc) with immediate feedback from the participants, enabling a positive group dynamic and contribution to corporate culture
  • Video shooting, watching and immediate performance analysis of each participants for an immediate feedback
  • personnal review to work at home and in praticed situations
  • personal follow up according to expressed needs.

Sessions can be online as well. The efficiency will be the same on distance, wih a specific benefit as there is an immediate feedback because of the webcam : Awareness about the projected image is raised and it is possible to work on it immediately.

If you wish to have customized individual sessions with an identical content, you can benefit from it as we adapt them to your specific needs.