Voice coaching in companies

To go beyond speaking!
Most communication is non-verbal (gestures, body language, facial expressions) and para-verbal (voice, inflections). Everyone knows this, according to the principle of the Mehrabian Law. What this law does not say is that if the substance of your message is bad, your interlocutors will perceive it right away. Conversely, if the substance of the message is good but the way it is conveyed is not, the consequences will be the same: you will not be credible! Photo by ICSA on Pexels.com

Going beyond speaking is therefore a fundamental issue for :

  • managers to motivate their teams and keep a cohesion

  • employees for smooth communication in all circumstances

  • CEOs to maintain their image and the way they personify their companies

  • employees who wish to take a stand and be heard

    Thanks to my comprehensive approach to speaking, you will be in total control of your communication. You will be able to motivate your teams, manage conflicts with appropriate communication and gain credibility.

    As I have an NDA, the training courses I lead can be included in the company's training plan.

    Corporate sessions

    Topics we can cover in training.

    Our sessions are available virtually and in person, wherever you are.

    • Presentation skills
    • Virtual presenting
    • Structuring content
    • Meetings
    • Remote communication
    • Deck assembly
    • Pitch delivery
    • Executive presence
    • Interpersonal dynamics
    • Humor
    • Socializing
    • Networking
    • Inflection
    • Owning the room
    • Eliminating anxiety
    • Clarity
    • Speaking voice quality
    • Body language
    • Articulation
    • Vocal projection
    • Speaking with flow
    • Impromptu speaking
    • Panels & moderating
    • Preparation strategies
    • Thinking under pressure
    • Speaking concisely
    • Storytelling
    • Audience engagement

    Corporate rates

    Private sector : 300€ HT/ hr, 1500€ HT / day

    Universities (exams prep, training) : 200€ HT/ hr, 1200€ HT/ day

    Public sector : 150€ HT/ hr, 900€ HT/ day