Speaking Voice Enhancement


The coaching is designed to help you develop your own personal style to express yourself with confidence, clarity and freedom. The process integrates the principles of voice science, physiology and psychology with vocal performance and communication skills.

Voice enhancement and projection are powerful tools for any executive. Whether you regularly give presentations to your peers or have a career-making public speaking event on the horizon, many professionals long for a smoother, clearer speaking voice. With help from a voice projection coach, you can master a poised speaking voice that showcases all you have to offer.

When people judge others’ voices, they are commenting on the quality of their actual pitch. The placement of a person’s voice can be changed. If you feel that your voice pitch is too high, sounds thin, weak or has a lot of nasal resonance, you can learn how to speak with a stronger and more powerful voice and speak with strong, rich tones that are pleasing and sound more powerful.

Depending on your needs, the coaching includes :

  • Accessing your Authentic Voice
  • Developing a Fuller and Resonant Voice
  • Cultivating Appropriate Vocal Tone
  • Enhancing Voice Quality
  • Developing an Expressive Voice through Intonation and Voice Modulation
  • Developing Clear Speech through Effective Articulation
  • Speaking at the Right Pace
  • Learning to Pause and Avoiding Vocal Fillers
  • Improving the Flexibility, Pitch and Dynamic Range of your Voice
  • Enhancing Vocal Projection and Power without undue pressure on the throat and without straining the voice
  • Developing Vocal Stamina and Endurance to enable you to speak or sing for long hours without vocal fatigue and without getting hoarse
  • Learning to speak and sing in a healthy way to prevent recurring vocal problems and for Long Term Vocal Health
  • Mastering Public Speaking Anxiety to be your most Confident Self
  • Warm- up exercises for use before a presentation or performance
You will feel less anxious and look forward to opportunities to speak with more confidence, and make a greater impact on your audiences, customers, colleagues, boss, or business partners.
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